Finding investor friendly agents to help?

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I'm wondering if anyone uses investor friendly agents, or helps train the agents for their criteria, to help with wholesaling.

My way of thinking is that I would be a cash buyer, using Transactional Funding, and sell the properties to my cash buyers.

I think my priority would be pocket listings. Lacking that, houses on the MLS that are 60% of the ARV, or better. Motivated sellers who may need a share of repairs, facing foreclosure, etc.

I know a lot of end buyers say "nothing on the MLS," or "I already have access to the MLS." But if I have an awesome agent with MLS access, who finds these deals, that I put under contract, and they can make a profit, I think most, or at least some, buyers would go for it.

For the agent, I can tell them that I pay all closing costs, which the Transactional Funders I've talked with said they cover, so that can be points in my favor.

I would guess that they'd collect their fee from their seller, and I would be able to provide them with repeat business, so wouldn't need to worry about the issues of "an unlicensed person paying referrals."

Anyone done like this, or have thoughts to offer?

You need to get an investor friendly agent on your team. 

They are your biggest asset.

Because of this, they're also the hardest to find. 

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