Lead Management in CRM

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I'm currently using Pipedrive but I guess this would apply to any CRM (Podio, etc.) Do you guys load all the leads you receive from a list provider, driving for dollar etc. into your CRM or only those that call you after seeing a marketing piece?

I just changed to a properties, leads, deals, and done flow. I keep all addresses in the properties group then move them to leads when they call or contact us back in any way.

I do track the campaigns I use “against” the properties so I know how many times we have tried to contact them. I am trying to use my crm to manage my lists rather than separate spreadsheets. 

Btw I am using podio.

@Rodney Williams

Only the leads that call you. Why? Because this is a numbers game and our lists are thousands of addresses and most will never contact you. It's a huge waste of time inputting bad info into a CRM. It'll clutter your CRM and make it difficult to use. CRM should be used for people that have contacted you and that you need to invest time and energy to maximize your conversion rates.