Assigning Lease Options To A Tenant Buyer

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Originally posted by @Vince Mayer :

I have a "rent to own" buyer in Texas who contacted me via my website

I do not do Lease Options in Texas and told her I would try to find someone who did.

She is looking in the Murphy/Plano Area and has a down payment. PM me if you you can help her out.


 Contact @John Jackson

I trained him in Lease option assignments, in 2002

He’s the best in Texas.

@Brian Gibbons

Thanks again Brian but Mr. Jackson was unable to follow up on this. If you know of 

someone else who can help I'd appreciate it. 

Anyone else do Lease Options in Texas willing to follow up on a hot buyer? She has $4000

for a LO fee and looking in the Murphy/Plano area. 

There has to be a Real Estate agent who has a listing about to expire.