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My name is Ronald Potts. I am beginning my investing journey in wholesaling. I have yet to find my first deal and I am targeting Florida. Is there anyone here that could give me some direction. I completely understand what wholesaling is, but what I do not know is where you retain a copy of the purchase and sale agreement?Which closing agent is investors friendly? I  am attempting to do this over the internet from Kansas. If anyone lives in Florida and could give me some advice, it would be deeply appreciated. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you.

@Ronald Potts ,

I would have to second what @Marvin McTaw asked. You live less than an hour from one of the best cash flow markets in the country. I would look into Kansas City and the surrounding area. Unless you are looking into large multifamily (+100 units)? 

Marvin Mctaw, The way I understand the Kansas laws, it's illegal to wholesale properties in Kansas. Every property would have to be done using the double close method and I am a man who is truly broke, I am trying to avoid disability. I know Missouri is legal to wholesale. But I am wanting to move back to Florida and that is mainly why I am targeting that market. 

Let me update my situation. I was denied disability. So now I am looking for someone in the Kansas City area who can mentor me in Real Estate Investing. Is there anyone who would be willing?

I would start by letting you know that wholesaling is not illegal in Kansas or Missouri if you do it correctly.  If you do it incorrectly, then you can get into trouble.

Next to connect with investors who invest in the Kansas City Market, I would find the local real estate investor group.  I manage one of them that meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and I post these events on the Bigger Pockets Calendar, you can ask a lot of questions at our meetings and find a wealth of information about wholesaling on our freebie resources on the MAREI website.

There are many other great resources here on BP to learn about wholesaling.

Thank you Kim Tucker. I would like to learn the correct procedure for wholesaling in Kansas. There are several homes in my town that are vacant and we have a lot of families looking for housing. Could you instruct me on the correct way to do this? If you don't want to post it on here you can look me up on Facebook. I am the only one in Ottawa, KS with my name. I look forward to networking with you and possibly doing business with you in the future.

Also, if you feel like investing around Ottawa, BP Podcast #39 talks about investing in land. I'm sure if you were willing to do the work to find delinquent landowners, you could wholesale that too.