How am I able to determine what is owed on a property?

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I’m new to wholesaling and when making an offer how am I able to determine what is owed on the property if the owner does not so that I can make legitimate offer?

@Jared Sims - The owner should know or can find out.  The only way you can talk with their lending company is if they given you written permission.  

Best of luck!

You can also look at purchase date and just do a basic 20 percent down 30 year fixed amortized note and see where that would put them.

Of course this isn’t a guarantee but it can give you an estimate

@Jared Sims - @Caleb Heimsoth makes a good point and that reminds me that at in Memphis, we can look up mortgages at the Register of Deeds and that will tell me how much they took out on the mortgage and when.  I'm guessing Texas has something similar.

So long as the owner(s) is still paying the mortgage, they should be able to tell you. Public records will show you when the mortgage(s) was taken and how much. 

Agree with a previous comment... best (most accurate way is speak with lender, or see a most recent statement). But you better get them to sign a Release of Info form.

Thank you all for your replies.

It should really have no bearing on your offer.  The house is worth what it's worth.  If they accept your offer then find out they owe more will you pay more?  If they owe less do you expect them to take less?

@Jared Sims Don't forget liens.  There can be mechanics liens, tax liens and other mortgages like a 2nd, 3rd, reverse mortgages, etc.

Have your attorney or title company run title and pull a municipal lien certificate.

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