Looking for top wholesaler company in Utah County

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I apologize if this is the wrong form for this.

I am looking for the top wholesale companies that cover Utah County, not individuals with one property.  If this is your company please message me.


Hi @Kevin Kite ,

1. What benefits do you perceive with a company that wholesales properties rather than an individual?

2. One great way to find the active wholesalers is to check out the Marketplace Properties For Sale section of BP, and use a filter

Here's a filter for all properties for sale in Utah: https://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/517-real-esta...


Thanks for the reply Nathan,

I am looking to grab a property in Utah for my parents who live there.  I am in Texas and there is several large wholesalers here that provide a steady flow of properties that they analyse and email out.  This is the best format for my parents to understand.  I am not against individual per say (as I look to wholesale myself) but in this situation I don't want 30 people emailing my parents.