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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting in a biggerpockets forum. I am located in southern NJ, right outside of Philadelphia. 

I am becoming more and more interested in wholesaling. I have been analyzing properties and surfing websites looking for deals. By driving for dollars I have collected a list of properties I am going to mail, as well as developed the letters I will be sending. However, that is where I am stuck. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on the wholesale process, and more specifically developing good buyers lists?? 

“Find the deal and they will come”

This is how I started and got by but later realized the importance of knowing what your investors want in order to waste less time deciding what to look for.

There are infinite ways to find buyers and if you really search these forums you’ll find some good creative ones and I know this for a fact because 3 years ago this is exactly where I was digging for all my answers.

But, for those readers who won’t go the extra mile to do a deeper search on techniques, here are a few off the top of my mind:

- They’re all over here, it’s like a piranha pond in my market. Either they’re posting several ads about looking for homes or spamming any ad that claims to have “off market deals”

- Look for people with real estate in their career and you’d be surprised how many people are cash buyers or have a heavy list of them.

Other Social Media’s
- My good buddy @Mario X. Zamora mentioned earlier this morning how he gets many investors from group pages on Facebook or sites like connected investors. Shoot even this one here is a platform flooded with investors.

The list goes on. Hope this helped.

Happy Investing!

Thanks @Gabe Amedee You're right on the money ! Start by googling "Cash Buyers (your city)" Print that list and cold call them all and get their name number and email, Then look for deals and the right cash buyer will come.

There are a number of options for finding buyers. You might consider a mail campaign to find ones that are quietly doing business and aren’t as easy to find. These are some characteristics common to these guys that a list broker can use to build a buyer list for you: investors with multiple properties, people who purchased with Quit Claim Deeds and those who purchased from a distressed seller situation.

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