Looking for off-market deals in Grand Rapids and West Michigan

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Hey all, I am a full-time airline pilot and part-time buy and hold investor in West Michigan. My current goal is 20 units in 5 years. I have purchased three properties totaling four units in the last 13 months, all off of the MLS. Two of the properties were significant rehab projects, and both turned out successful. Any advice on West Michigan wholesalers or direct mail campaign?

You're only interested in West Michigan or are you interested in out of state?

I'd highly recommend doing some direct mail to get some leads coming in, if you have the time to go through those leads and get some deals from them.


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Scrape the web for delinquent taxes

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@Robert VanZee I am a Realtor and investor here in Grand Rapids. I work with multiple investors. I just got one of my clients a duplex under contract and in the process was able to connect with the listing agent. He expressed to me that his group of investors is unloading their properties and they will have 8 properties to sell. All 3/4 bedroom homes with long terms tenants. None of these properties have hit the market yet. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in exploring further! 


Frank Boenzi

Hello! I’m a new investor from CA in Grand Rapids. My realtor is fantastic! His name is @James Marshall. He is an investor himself and know the areas super well! Good luck! He just helped me acquire a duplex and a quad!

@Frank Boenzi I would be interested in finding out more info on the 8 off market properties. Please dm me to continue convo.

@Frank Boenzi I would also be interested in the 8 property portfolio.

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