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Hey guys Im a newbie and have a quick question lol , When you are calling the Motivated Seller Back after you ran your numbers and have what you can offer , How do you go about telling the seller your Offer ? Like what do you mention so that they can see why your offering what your offering ... I’m thinking saying “ Hello , I ran the numbers & i can offer 40K for this property “ is a little to newbiesh and bland and can make the seller say no to the offer ... could someone help me out with a little script so i can sound like i got some skin in the game lol ?

@Joseph Felder   You dont need to let them think you have any skin in the game. You need to give them what they want.  That may not be what they are asking for at the start of the conversation.  Every seller starts off asking for market price or what they perceive market price to be.  Many of them are really looking for debt relief, or a way to escape a problem property.  You need to ask questions of the seller.  The most powerful question is "why are you selling?".  That single question will tell you what the sellers problem is, then you can work on a solution. 

For example, someone who is paying two mortgages might just want to get out of one of them. This becomes a subject too deal.

Someone who wants to downsize into an apartment might need their equity converted into rental payments, in which case this is an owner finance deal, and you pay him monthly until his equity is exhausted.

Someone might want to sell a house to buy and RV and drive around the country.  You can find a good deal on an RV and exchange it for his deed.  

There are a ton on scenarios but you need to understand their problem before you make any offer. 

I hope this helps


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