Snap Flip latest guru seminar travelling through out the US

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I saw the infomercial for this briefly yesterday as I had never heard of the guys who say they are HGTV stars.. and then I googled .

then I got on their web page.

they promise to teach you how to snap flip.. you need no money no credit blah blah blah..

1200 for first training  ... you find the deal they fund them.. but then if you want advanced training its 30k or more.

Same ole Same ole..

But what I did like if you just take the time to go to their website.. the disclaimer at the bottom.. completely discloses.

that they are selling seminars.. that the Money they say they are putting up is really coming from third party vendors ( code for HML)

that they do not do this.. and MOST will not make a dime.. etc etc etc.. so the disclosures are there.. 

So like with all wholesaling guru's  just remember this is all about up sell to the advanced training that they make a killing on..

And what got me thinking was Hey you can't sell property you don't own in Oregon.. and they are coming to Oregon.

But bottom line is you find the property you get a HML to finance it and you flip it.. well good luck with that in our market..

Originally posted by @Michael Biggs:

This needs to be bumped up to the top again.

if you have a minute pop on their website go to the bottom and read the disclosure if these folks would bother to read that it could save them all the hype ..

I still don't get how they can market this as THEY the guru's fund the deals.. when in fact the HML do.

also their whole premise is you buy it and sell it within 21 days.. RIGHT we know that really works..

and that the hard money lenders only charge 1.65% which I get being a 20% or so apr.. but I bet few get funded NO hard money lender I know is going to want to do 21 day loans for such a low fee.. not worth it.. but maybe.

regardless it clearly states they are in the seminar business the purpose of the meeting is to sell education and that most people will do nothing with the information... I think they need this obviously to head off lawsuits .. but peeps being Peeps they just don't read this stuff.  They want that free meal  !!! 

Originally posted by @Eric James :

Are these actually people from an HGTV show? I'm curious as to who they are.

never heard of them ..  pop on the website and see if you recognize them.. two younger guys.. well everyone is younger than me.. but mid 30s  most likely propped up by the Utah based fulfillment company that runs the back end of these deals. 

There is an advertisement online that says they were on a show called Renovate to Rent.

I have never heard of them.  By the way, that advertisement is about how they have had to rebrand themselves.  

Originally posted by @Eric James :

Are these actually people from an HGTV show? I'm curious as to who they are.

Yes.  For a few years these two had a show where they looked at 2-3 properties, then compared their findings over coffee and purchased one to make their next rental.  Almost all were multi family rentals. And by the time the show ended, they supposedly had a bunch of cashflowing rental properties.  They operate out of the Minneapolis area if I remember correctly.  They met in college.  One is the lead builder/designer (Danny) and the other is the money/broker guy (Drew)

I wonder why wholesaling needed a rebranding to "snap flip".

I'm already uneasy by anything that puts Snap and Flip together in a name. Just as I wouldn't trust 'Easy Flip'.

These trainings I've always found to be bogus. Everything you need regarding knowledge and training is available online and it's so easy to make relationships with people - neither of these can cost a dime

I went to their "introduction seminar." I had no idea that the event I was attending was real estate related or that the company hosting it was snap flip. I just saw advertisements on youtube for Robert from Shark Tank being a host speaker at a free event. Since I really like Robert (we have similar backgrounds) I attended with my wife.

Its a a classic high pressure sales pitch to buy useless training designed in a cleaver way. They never use direct pressure. But all of their strategy is used to make you sign up on the spot without doing any research on the company. To be fair this is one of the better companies since they did give the name of their company halfway through the pitch. So people could have gone on their phone and looked up their disclaimer.

Just based on their sales tactics and what they said they were going to teach; I knew it would be useless for me even if what they offered was true. I'm posting parts of their disclaimer that makes their intentions transparent to save people some time. As Jay said, they are actually very honest about their intentions/claims so I cant really call it a true scam. They are a company selling/up-selling very marginal overpriced education seminars about the real estate industry using high pressure sales tactics:

We do not sell a business opportunity, “get rich quick” program, or money-making system. We believe, with education, individuals can be better prepared to make investment decisions, but we do not guarantee success in investing. We do not make earnings claims, efforts claims, return on investment claims, or claims that our training will make you any money.

We are not a real estate expert or investment expert, and it is highly recommended that you consult with appropriate licensed experts before engaging in investing-related transactions. We are an educational company that provides training concerning the real estate industry.

However, it is assumed that most customers do not apply the needed effort and time, or do not acquire the skills, to complete transactions successfully and, therefore, most clients do not make money.