How do I get started?

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I'm new to the real estate world and I've been trying to get things done. I've purchased about 3 course that basically just wanted money and didn't give knowledge so I can go out and do my first deal. Can anyway help me get started PLEASE!!

@Marc L. welcome to BP! 

To get started I would recommend: 

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Listen to the podcasts every free minute you have, in the car, in the gym, etc until you have heard all ~300 hours of information.  As you listen, when you hear a book recommended over and over again go buy it and read it.  By the the time you finish, you will know where to start.  

Where I got trained was the Tailopez real estate mentor program. Has amazing content inside and great advice from some of the best in real estate, I’ll be honest it’s great for getting the train going and once that train is going you can still go back to that same info to help you all along your journey. Best of luck!