Rehab costs software

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Can anyone recommend a good rehab costs software that I can use? I'm a newbie wholesaler and I hear there's good software out there which is zip code specific for lumber, cabinet, tile costs etc. Etc....thank you.

I can tell you that RS Means ( produces data that is fairly widely recognized for construction "guess-timating." They put it out in books, CDs, and an online package that you can use to put together basic estimates with. Keep in mind that there is no substitute for an actual estimate based on when it comes to ultimate accuracy, since every project varies greatly in complexity. The RS Means numbers are typically only used for rough order of magnitude estimates only.

Thanks to both of you for your suggestions. I couldn't find I figure if I pay for the plus or pro membership here ill have access to the rehab calculator here on BP. How do you guys like the one here??