Pursuing Bird Dogging Legally

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@Account Closed  they weren’t showing up on the app for me.  Must be a glitch.

Anyways, I’d do this business idea for 6 months or so and then if it’s not working to get a normal job like kids your age.  It’ll be way more beneficial most likely 

@Caleb Heimsoth yeah it must be a glitch. And let’s see how this goes, I will give it more time than 6 months because most people my age don’t even have a job at this poInt and if they do at my age it’s only during the summer typically not during the school year.
@Caleb Heimsoth yeah I took your advice because you guys were saying for me not to do something private with an investor like that because I wouldn’t be secured so I ended up not doing that. That’s why I’ve been thinking of ways on how to do something were I would be secured and that’s how I came up with this idea.

@Account Closed I had multiple jobs for most of the year when I was your age.  So not sure about that logic.  

Anyways I’m a big believer in going the tried and true path to a point.  Do well in school, enjoy childhood, and go to college.  Get s degree, buy some real estate and in 15 years you’ll be rich.

@Caleb Heimsoth I’m not saying that I can’t get a whole bunch of jobs I’m just saying that it’s not very typical for someone my age to have a job like that and also this is something that I enjoy so I might as well do it. It’s better than spending my money on getting expensive clothes brands and other stuff like that. What I’m trying to get at is that I’m just doing this just because I love it. Some people like other stuff and that’s what they spend their money on and this is what I just so happen to like so this is what I spend my free time and money on. And I’m not saying that I’m going to just blow off school, I actually am a very good student in school believe it or not.

Eric adobo, you need to leave the post if you think he’s annoying. Furthermore, I found myself looking into this and it seems like a good starter investment of time and energy so I don’t know why you’re trying to put him down.

@Joshua Mondragon thanks for that but it’s honestly fine. I take people’s hatred as motivation to do even better, age definitely is not a reason for somebody like myself to just stop and not do something I love! It’s all good though
Originally posted by @Joshua Mondragon :

Eric adobo, you need to leave the post if you think he’s annoying. Furthermore, I found myself looking into this and it seems like a good starter investment of time and energy so I don’t know why you’re trying to put him down.

 Caleb called him annoying. I find him entertaining. 

Let's analyze.  We have grown men writing dissertations on what this fella should do. 

In a few weeks fella will come back asking how he can get fees for bird 🐶 ging.

Since last time.  How maNY people have you actually talked to regarding dogging of birds? 

@Eric Adobo actually Caleb said he wouldn’t go as far as calling me annoying and you technically said that you find me entertaining but not in a good way. So I’m not too sure how well you can comprehend English because obviously you are having trouble with it. If you can’t even do that and you are putting words in other people’s mouth I think it’s be best if you do leave this forum because I don’t mind the hate it’s just that now you’re putting words on other people’s mouth.

No Mr Adobo, Caleb even said himself that he would not go as far as to call him annoying. As a 17 yo, I personally downloaded this app to further my knowledge on a topic regarding real estate, so Im sure his idea was the same in the sense that he also would like to further his knowledge about something regarding business. So for me this conversation has been helpful in giving an idea as to something I can possibly pursue as well. I’m sure onlookers of the conversation feel the same. The point is, if you read something you don’t think is educational or correct, then either help them out, or leave the page.

@Michael Kantar, I would recommend you download the app on a cell or use a different approach as far as communicating on BiggerPockets, because the comments you make are usually not visible.

@Eric Adobo there are people willing to help me out and I take their advice, think about it, and from there o do what I think is best for me. That’s why every time I make a post it’s about a different topic because there’s always restrictions that prevent me from moving further and you guys help me realize that. Once I get advice from you guys here, I use it to my advantage to try and find something new that would help me get around those certain restrictions. When I find a new topic I ask you guys because most of you guys here are in fact more knowledgeable so that’s why I always ask something new here. Although certain people tell me to just go the traditional route I am to an extent but I also want to take part in something that I enjoy doing in my free time. Is that alright for someone to do something that they enjoy doing and try to find a way to pursue that by asking people who will be able to help them in a community built for that exact reason? Last time I checked it was and it still is like that.

@ Michael Kantar , I don’t know it may be a glitch on my end. However, In an earlier comment you mentioned that it may be a glitch on your end. Are you using the app for the cellphone to comment/ make threads?