Does anyone have a cold call script willing to share?

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I have no idea if thre is one there. It is just a place I sugest you look.  Ther have been some good threads here on what to say. You might try a search. Michael Quarles has written some good posts on the subject.

@Adrian Ruiz Castillo Personally I would not use a script especially someone else’s. People will know right away you are using a script and usually write you off. I usually just say something along the lines of “ Is this Mr. Jones? My name is Zack you don’t know me but I see you own a property at 2304 North Pine would you be interested in selling?” I let the convo flow from their. Watch pros like Grant Cardone on YouTube he has a whole episode on cold calling which will probably help you out. Good Luck
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I’m going to start cold calling lists and was wondering if anyone can share good script w me that they or their VA use. Or what are some key questions that you should ask when talking to motivated seller

Good to meet you.

Here is a basic script... Both calling back and cold calling. the cold script is short and will lead into the call back script after you have found an interested party. 

Also unlike others I am a very script oriented person. Everyone successful uses scripts. The beauty of a script is that in 4 hours I can train an Alex to set an appointment for a Ryan who will buy a house. All done over the telephone. And neither Alex or Ryan are real estate investor they are call center operators. 

In fact you can listen to an Alex call Here and a Ryan call here. Ryan bought a house for 80 worth 130. All using a script. The Alex call is special too. The seller kept lowering the price...

Cold Script...

Hello this is NAME with I buy Houses and we are looking for 3 and 4 bedrooms houses in the area. Who do you know who is planning on selling?

This question is going to get hang-ups, f-Yous, and I am, so be prepared for all types. 

Dialing cold is 1:100 ratio. Sixteen people an hour on average and you'll need 9 prospects to have a good opportunity or 56.25 hours. 

Hours to dial 9a-11a or 3p to 5p. Standing is better than sitting. Having a CRM to auto dial is important but not required. Track your results. And dont stop until the time is up even if you have a hot prospect. They can wait.

Outbound Script...

Hello this is ______ with I Buy Houses I am calling for _____.

I am returning your call regarding wanting to sell a house. Do you have a house you're hoping to sell? If the caller responds with a "NO" to the above question discontinue the call.

Is the property listed with a Real Estate Professional? If listed discontinue the call.

What do you think your house is worth in today’s market? If the caller doesn't give a dollar amount then mention to them that you really need a number in order to help them" Invite them to call you back.

What amount… (Pause) • 

Sellers Name let me tell you a little about what I do. I buy houses like yours all the time.” 

• I pay all the costs – things like Real Estate Commission - Title Insurance - Escrow Fees - Transfer Tax - Termite Clearance - Roof Certification – the list goes on and on.. 

• And I buy them in an “as is” condition. I am going to assume the responsibility for all of the needed repairs – whether I have seen them already or not. 

• One of the positive factors about selling me your house is that you can stay in it for as long as you need to and I can get you your money on the date of your choice. 

• I will pay cash when I buy your house so you can have the peace of mind of knowing it’s sold not only sold, but sold to someone who can afford to buy it.” 

• Believe me, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a deal break down in escrow. That isn’t going to happen to you.” Isn’t that really what you want?

So knowing how I will buy your house what were you hoping to sell your home for, the net amount that you would receive after the loans and costs are taken care of. What I call the walk away money?

(Pause) (Pause) (Pause)

Is that the least you will take? Value lowering questions are always asked with a justification sentence.

You can’t see yourself doing better?

Is that the lowest you will go?

Once you arrive at a number that you are comfortable beginning the face to face negotiation then continue with

How did you hear about us?

Can you give me the Property address you are hoping to sell?: ____________________________________ (Always spell back the street) City _________________________________Zip ________

Is there better telephone number you can be reached at______________________.

Do you have an email address we can send you some information about our company to.

Well Sellers Name “Thank you for calling me to buy your house.

What time today would be better for me to come out and buy your house ___________ or ______________? Terrific

Before I come out to buy your house… there are just a few more questions… I need to ask about your house, is that okay?

When would you like to have your house sold? ___________

So if I can close escrow on this house THEIR ANSWER will that be okay for you? Yes No 9. Have you tried selling the house before? __________

IF YES; What do you think has stopped it from selling?”

Why are you selling? ________________________________________________________

IF TO BUY A NEW ONE Do you have to sell this house in order to buy the next one? Yes No

What is going to happen if it doesn’t sell. ______________________________

Are you aware of how expensive it is and all of the costs involved with selling a house like yours?

Just a couple more questions.

Is the home Vacant or Occupied? Occupant Name? _______________________________

How many Bedrooms ______ and Baths_____ How many Square Feet? _________

Is there a Garage? YES NO Size ___________

Earlier I spoke about paying for all of the repairs, What Kind of repairs does it need?

What amount should I assume I will have to pay in repair cost?____________

Is there a Mortgage on the house? Yes No What is/are the balance? 1st ________ 2nd ________3rd________

IF THERE IS A MORTGAGE are you in Foreclosure? Yes No

IF IN FORECLOSURE is it a Notice of Default or Trustee Sale... Sale Date ______ Arrearage Amount _____

One last question, When I come out… it is important…that all of the decision makers be there…. so I can come to an agreement to buy your house… Will all of the decision makers be there for the appointment? (If all of them are not there don’t go)

Is there anything you need me to bring besides my checkbook when I come out to buy the house?

And if you could do me a favor and have locate the deed, however if you don’t have it I can have title look it up after I buy the house and also locate the latest mortgage statement.

Also when we are done with this call I am going to send you an appointment reminder will you please respond to that email with a few pictures of the inside and outside of the house along with a couple pictures of the street in both directions?

Well, ____________ I look forward to buying your houses at __________…

Thank you.