Success Ratio - Wholesaling

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Hi Everyone,

I operate my business in the Indianapolis area, and I'm working on some goal setting and would like some feedback from other companies similar to mine around the country.

I'm looking for others that typically wholesale, or quickly flip (close and resale) to generate revenue for their business.

Looking for wholesalers or professional home buying companies that spend a bare minimum of $5,000 a month in marketing.

Please do not use this as an opportunity to brag or show how successful you are or how much money you spend on marketing. Every market is different, what you need to spend to generate a conversion in the midwest is much lower than the west coast. I'm looking for real concrete numbers that wholesalers around the country have actually tracked to generate their success ratio.

I will define success ratio as contracts signed to appointments booked.  For it to count as an appointment you or someone from your company must have seen the seller's house in person, and you must be buying direct from the seller, not daisy chaining. 

My success ratio for contracts to appointments is 1 contract for every 7 houses we see in person here in Indianapolis. I'm hoping to improve on this.  

If you're spending $5,000 a month in marketing, you are primarily wholesaling, or closing and reselling as-is rather quickly.  What is your success ratio of contracts to appointments? 

Well that flopped, but I asked around looks like it's from 1 deal for every 3 appointments to around 1 deal for 8 appointments on high end thus far.