Does anyone have anything good to say about wholesaling??

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I am wanting to get into real-estate but don't have the best credit... Not sure anyone would give me loan. I've heard good and bad things about wholesaling, and just wanted to know if this was actually a good way to get into real-estate with a credit score of 600. Also, since I live in a rural area, is virtual or remote wholesaling even possible.. Please give me your thoughts..

Your credit doesn't matter when it comes to wholesaling but my best advice would be to join a REIA, you can find them on Facebook and also meet ups dot com. Then Find someone that does fix and flips and ask them if you can find deals for them.

Yeah absolutely join the local REIA. I’m in the middle of my first wholesale right now, and a member of the REIA gave me my end buyer in literally one easy phone call.

Wholesaling is mostly like any other market with a low barrier to entry: it's filled with people who have no skin in the game.

is it possible? Well, I saw a CD Walkman for sale at walmart the other day and the price was $35. so with that in mind, everything is possible sometimes

to answer the original question: NO, I have nothing good to say about wholesalers.

take your time to learn the business, get as much of an advantage as you can muster