Wisconsin Title Company Recommendations

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Hello! I am a land investor, i.e. I purchase and invest In parcels vacant land. I am looking for investor friendly title company recommendations in Wisconsin. I purchase all of my properties with cash. Because I am purchasing vacant land with cash the transaction is fairly simple from a title perspective. I am looking for a title company who understands investing and is also capable of closing transactions quickly. Any recommendations would be appreciated, thank you!

I have good experience with Summit LDS, Inc. in Milwaukee. Ashly Kihlmire met one of my buyers at a coffee shop to handle document signatures and coordinated a wholesale deal without a hitch.

For the broad range of all over WI, I would talk to Knightbarry Title, they have offices all over and have always done me well ans an Investor and as a Broker.

What are you looking to buy? I may be a seller, i have a few lots for sale at the moment. 

I would recommend Tammy Kloehn/Stewart Title, Jackie Brown/Land Title and Katherine or Connie at Summit LDS. All of these Title companies are familiar with investor transactions and the contacts that I named deliver excellent customer service. An important quality I look for when working with Title Companies is their ability to problem solve, be dependable and responsive and have a polite and professional demeanor when interacting with me or anyone else involved in the transaction.  

Thanks for all of the replies everyone!  I have a few properties with different sellers so I may spread out among a few of these title companies and see who I like.  Then eventually focus in on one and see if we can work out an investor rate.  

Thanks again I appreciate all of your input!

Bought a few deals in Wisconsin, and I used some of the recs previously mentioned here. In response to one of the recommendations above, I can only say I had a terrible experience with Connie from LDS Summit that almost killed my deal. Just posting this here to save headaches for other investors looking at this thread. It felt like I had to ask Connie to take the next step of closing, over and over, as if I had to hold her hand through the process. Her performance could only be due to 1 of 2 things: she either didn't care, or she was not competent. It took her 2 extra months to close a pretty straightforward deal. 

My recommendation was from 2 yrs ago and since then I only use Stewart Title or Land now unless I don't have a choice. Also Summit is higher closing cost.