Need to find a wholesaler to wholesale a house. Questions!

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We have a house in Phoenix, Arizona that we need to wholesale. What's the typical process?....Does one wholesaler get the rights to sell the property and then advertises it to their buyers...or can multiple wholesalers advertise it and the first to sell it gets the commission? We have worked with a few different wholesalers in the area when we purchase properties to flip, so I'm having a hard time choosing which wholesaler to work with. 

Most of the demo work has been done in the home and the architect has the drawings for expanding the home. The house is pretty much a blank canvas at this point. Is it recommended to get the permits for the project done to provide with the architect's drawings before offering it for wholesale?

Just put it the’ll find most of the Rehabber s in your area, not just a few that a wholesaler knows. 

You’re an agent, this should be obvious. 

@Wayne Brooks

It's an option. I'm considering MLS and wholesale. There are a lot of factors to consider. Time and liquidity for example. I have experienced first hand (and painfully when trying to buy) wholesale homes selling very fast in the Phoenix area. MLS has a greater chance of buyers backing out and so forth. The value-add idea including the architect drawings and ARV numbers are a little easier to display in a wholesale package also.

@Kellen King Liquidity and time would likely be Better on the mls....I put an obvious rehab on the market after the seller had screwed around with various wholesalers.....6 Real cash offers in 4 days, 25% more than their best supposed wholesaler offer.

@Kellen King you could speak with multiple wholesalers and see who has the strongest offer, but once you sign a contract with one you are pretty much locked in to them.  I'm on just about every wholesale list in town and this type of project is right in our wheelhouse.  Feel free to PM me and we can chat about who may be best.  There are a ton of wholesalers in Phoenix and some have been around much longer than others.  Also, I would not bother getting permits prior to selling.

Since essentially every investor who is looking at deals from wholesalers is also looking at the MLS, your best bet is probably just to list it. This whole get you the most exposure and in turn the most money.