New to Wholesaling in Tampa Bay Area

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Hello BiggerPockets community! I am new here looking to get started in the Wholesale scene of Tampa, FL (in hopes of relieving some of my student loan debt). I’m studying to become a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, but have always been interested in real estate as a side gig. I also have a background in sales/cold-calling AND marketing for a property managemnt company so I think I may have some potential. If anyone out there has any specific tips or resources you think would be helpful, please share. I’ve been researching for days and ready to take action! ...but what should my first step be..? Best of luck to ALL in their real estate ventures! Meaggan

@Meaggan Thomas I recommend trying to track down your potential buyers. Let them know what you are trying to do and if you can send deals their way once you have them lined up. Understand what they are looking for so you can target those deals. The second and just as important step is to identify how you plan to find properties that you can wholesale. If you already have those properties then you are well on your way. Good luck

There is some good information on wholesaling by a guy named Max Maxwell on YouTube.  He does a great job of not just giving you information but taking you along as he finds and closes deals.  I also recommend going to a TampaREIA meeting from time to time to network or just be a fly on the wall to see what other wholesalers in the area are doing or not doing well.  Hope that helps.