Bandit Signs in Fargo, ND

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I was informed by an individual that bandit signs are illegal everywhere. Is this true? I know I've heard some say you can get away with them here and there. I have NOT seen any "We Buy Houses" type of signs where I live (Fargo, ND). I tried looking on "The City of  West Fargo" website for info and didn't find anything, however, on "The City of Fargo" website I believe it did say signs are not allowed.

@MaTaylie Beganovic interesting and I’m guessing you do need permission to post a sign with a commercial intent. I know political candidates have issues with posting their campaign signs on public right of way. I know there was one, in the last election cycle, that had people tearing their signs down because they were perceived to be on public right of way. Come to find out, that they actually had secured permission from the land owner.

I have heard of companies that want to post signs and they go to a landowner and ask if they can pay them a small monthly fee to post on their property. Think of it as a billboard sort of relationship.

Best of luck to you and good to see other people from Fargo, ND gracing this site.

Horns UP! Go Bison 😉