Investor Friendly Title Companies in Hampshire County, WV

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Hello! I am a land investor, i.e. I purchase and invest In parcels vacant land. I am looking for investor friendly title company recommendations in West Virginia, Hampshire County specifically.  Someone who can handle transactions in a timely manner and also has good communication skills, I purchase all of my properties with cash which makes the transaction is fairly simple from a title perspective. I am looking for a title company who understands investing to help make my life a little easier.  Any recommendations would be appreciated, thank you!

I don't do a lot of real estate in Hampshire County, but I asked a trusted attorney here in Berkeley County and he recommended Keaton, Frazer & Milleson, the website is below. Please note that in WV all real estate transactions have to go through an attorney, so most title companies won't work unless they have partnered with a WV attorney. Let me know if  you have any other WV or surrounding area needs! Hope this helps, Aaron