In need of Wholesellers !!!$$$

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I been looking for multi familys 2,3 and 4 Units for months and i mean on a fulltime 24/7 Hunt however i lack the proper network in conclusion i see i need a unlimited amount of contacts and a good relationship with a wholeseller. How should i go about making this happen ? Any assistance i would highly appreciate it. Plug me !

In several different states southern, midwest i'm from NJ so i always keep my eye on the north east however im looking to expand into more of a profitable area were my capital will and make more sense. If it has the proper numbers and performance and the criteria links up & areas great its considered and analyzed.

What are some of the things your into? What are some of the areas you analyze? 

I haven't been active on investing. I've been focusing on my businesses by helping investors manage their books and also consult with investors construction homes. 

At the end of the day, it is the return on investment, cap rate, and cash flow that I focus more on. If the market and the area allows it, invest in it or put that money in another form of investing. I don't restrict myself to a specific model.

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Right i totally agree i will have to connect and communicate with you more seeing that i will need the consultation on these specific topics.

I'll be happy to talk.