Question About JV For Ohio Wholesalers, Thank You In Advance

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I have been doing some research and there is a very popular atty online, including Youtube videos saying do not JV wholesale deals in OH.

Do any of you law abiding wholesalers do JV deals in OH?

Thank you and have a blessed day.

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I am not new to real estate investing. I have over 30 years of practical real estate investing experience. I have successfully completed flip and fixes, I have purchased both residential and commercial properties, I have held many rentals, I have helped people become homeowners by offering them lease options and land contracts. I have purchased from foreclosure and tax auctions, I have purchased from private sellers, MLS, etc. I was purchasing REO's when most people did not even know the term existed. My question was because there are several people who want to JV with me and I wanted to make sure everything was being done by the letter, so to speak. At the time I wanted to know if this atty that I had ran across on Youtube was accurate in what he was saying and since I had no recommendations concerning him I did not want to pay him $350 for a consultation. Since I posted the question I have assembled my own team of industry professionals who specifically specialize in wholesaling in the state of Ohio. Although, I have been a real estate investor for a very long time wholesaling is viewed as a different type of investing and Ohio has some pretty strict laws concerning it. Each state has its own laws, rules and regulations. ***MY ADVICE TO EVERYONE IS TO BECOME FAMILIAR WITH YOUR STATE'S RULES ON THE SUBJECT & GET YOURSELF A TEAM OF INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS FOR YOUR BUSINESS. As you can see I have over 30 years practical real estate investing experience but I still needed to become abreast of my state's wholesaling mandates. I wish you all the very best in all of your endeavors. Have a blessed day.

It's probably a good idea if you are getting started, just be able to bring something to the table, either; knowledge, hustle or money. If you don't have money I suggest learn all you can and do the hard work to figure out your market niches so that when you find a partner for your joint venture, all they have to do is provide the money.

Hope this helps!