Wholesale purchase agreement contract

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@Pat Baggett Ok it was a lot more difficult to find than I thought... I think its one of these links:



I would definitely reach out to someone on BP who is in your area. They would know better than me.

@Lydia T. I appreciate your support regardless. I've been trying to find locals since I got on this website today. I'm going to start attending local meet ups and REIA to network.

I wish you were in Chicago

In most places using the standard REALTOR form is not only a violation of law, it's also not smart... with the contract constantly referring to the broker(s) involved and whatnot. Best course of action -- ask a few local investors for a copy of what they use and have a RE attorney fine tune one for you.

@Deonte Palmer Bet. Yeah I need that Assignment Contract from (You) and it’s all love bro game is free never hesitate to ask me anything and if I have something you looking for I’ll be glad to give it to you if I can.

What’s your email?

One thing I would like to point out to everyone on this discussion.  Those of you who have suggested using a state specific Realtor or real estate commission approved contract need to be aware that these contracts are copyrighted. They are designed to only be used be licensed realtors and you could have a problem if you use one without permission. My state definitely frowns on it. 

@Deonte Palmer   ahh  You had a realtor send it. That's fine. There is always a place near the end of the realtor's contract that you can write any additional terms or conditions.  Anything written in there supercedes anything typed before it.     You should always write your own terms you want and not go by the realtor's contracted terms unless they serve all your purposes.