I'm Ready to Start Wholesaling and a Guru Did Not Convince Me.

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Hello Everyone,

I've been listening to Bigger Pockets for a year and a half now, and I am ready to get my feet wet. I knew I wanted to start investing in Real Estate years ago, but until I had my daughter 2 years ago I was not a follow through planner when it came to mapping out my future. I've taken my credit from an embarrassing 480 two years ago to a solid 670. I'm still working to improve it, but I know I am at a place that I have options to make things happen. I currently have limited income and see wholesaling as a route to get extra income that can be used to get me my first rental properties. I am an actress and when I work I make good money but the work is inconsistent and so I have to be very disciplined in budgeting. I am studying for my Real Estate License and want to get into a buy and hold properties. I have heard all the stories about terrible wholesalers, but as a person that loves to study I can see the potential wholesaling possesses when fully educating oneself on what it takes to be an exceptional wholesaler. If you have any information you'd like to share with me, please do. What are some of your favorite wholesaling books? What are your favorite ways to find deals? What is the biggest tip you would like to give me? 

I'm excited to start this journey, and appreciate all of you. I am based in Woodland Hills, CA. :)

I don’t know a GURU...But my Coach is Partnering with people all over the United States, and splitting profits 50/50. He even has an office in California! If you would like his number I’d be glad to pass that along. Just shoot me a DM. 

@Brittany Lewis - There are a ton of tips anyone could give!  But I'll start with a huge one for me...

Be persistent.

Success in wholesaling is not an instant endeavor.  It takes a lot of time, learning, and struggling before it all starts to click.  This is not BAD.  It does not represent failure.  It is simply a necessary part of the process!  If you are moving toward a worthy goal, you are successful.  Just keep grinding, learning, trying, failing, and moving forward.

If you are able to persist, you will learn what you need to learn, do what you need to do, and succeed.  If you give up, you move back to square one.  So keep at it!

Other than that, ask plenty of questions on here.  Lots of helpful folks around.  (: