What would be the best thing to do ?

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just got my real estate license, wold like to buy a income property. Duplex to forplex. I’m doing marketing to off market properties.

Can anyone give me an advice to get my fist property as soon as possible?

@Cesar Burgos I suggest to approach aging (60+,) absentee owners (you have a lot of them in the Fort Myers area ;)

And get to know your local portfolio lenders (credit unions and small local banks) for funding.

Good luck!

Cesar, Congratulations!

As a fellow agent/investor, I would recommend spending a month analyzing at least 100 properties. If you calculate just 4 a day, you'll do 100 in no time. What you'll learn very quickly, is that (1) most properties are horrible deals (2) which numbers need to be increased/decreased to make it a good deal & (3) you'll have the confidence to jump on a good deal when you see it. 

I hope this helps!

Sorry all but no.

People blindly listen to podcasts here and what ever they hear is absolute truth written in stone.

Yes I  know Brandon preaches (and preaches) to make 10 offers a day and hope one will eventually stick.

Obviously this is throwing darts in the dark. Will it work? yes? No? maybe?

Do you think a NASA scientist will just pull numbers and equations out of their nasa butts and hope the shuttle won't blow up?

You need to have a system. A smart system.

This is what you do to get leads REALLY fast.

Get a website, 

Make it credible.. you can do this in 3 hours, seriously.

Then if you want to do it the right way, you do SEO, but that takes time. So you do it anyways..

WHILE SEO is ongoing you manually drive traffic to your site, with FB ads, PPC, DMM, D4D, what ever how ever.

Now that your site is credible.. i..e. converts traffic into leads you WILL get a TON of leads streaming in without you having to sit there and analyze 100 properties without even KNOWING  if they are motivated to sell or not.

How can you possibly think this is a good method. It is a complete waste of time (Sorry Brandon)

I know it is easy to talk a good talk, but look at the results :

This goes on day in day out, week in week out.

There simply is NO better way. 

Daily super highly motivated leads, for FREE!


Originally posted by @Cesar Burgos :

@Jerryll Noorden how do you do that ? Show me the money !

 I think you got that reversed my man.

YOU show me the money THEN I will show you how to do it!

fine fine I was a mortal once, I can give you a teaser.

The way you do it.. is through SEO. 

1. Use SEO to rank #1 on Google.

2. Use credibility to make your site a lead converting machine

3. Get leads.. more than you can handle.

4. Do the happy dance

5. Hire people to do your bidding

6. Call said people .. "the help"

7. Life is good!

Originally posted by @Cesar Burgos :

@Jerryll Noorden when I said sow me the money, I was referring to the information. What you know is money, that can increase my business by 1000% thank you !

Is there anything else that I need to know ?

 Dude, I was joking about the money.

I would never ask money for offering help in the open. Sheesh. I have a rep to maintain. I only ask this in private! Come now!

Is there anything else you need to know?

NO! Absolutely not. What you are experiencing is "Analysis Paralysis".

Look my man. Seriously.. this is what you do and ONLY this.

What is your immediate goal here. You want to start  right?

Then just focus on the things that will get you to start.

You need to set up your business (make it live).

Get  a website, make it credible and read on how to do DMM.

That is all you need to do for now. These steps will be easy, useful, and doable. Once you completed these steps you will naturally see what to do next, and if you don't (and you will), sacrifice a virgin (goat) chant my name 3 times (MSOOTKAUG) and I will appear in your wildest dreams with the next few steps!

Now stop researching and start doing!