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Hey Guys, listened to the newest podcast, about building a wholesaling machine, which was amazing. Then on another podcast, Wholesaling Inc, where they discussed using the skip tracing and text program to get their leads pre-qualified. Texting is definitely the new wave, with less pressure to answer a call from an unknown number. 

Wanted to see if anyone here has had experience, and what are the biggest hurdles you faced? I love hearing success stories, but I also want to hear the other side of the story, which maybe people advertising their business/methods on a podcast, like to avoid or not mention altogether.

Thanks in advance!

Bryan Stovall

@Bryan Stovall do you have a Lead Sherpa account set up?  I tried to set one up tonight, but I'm not sure about the invitation code.  I also went to the show notes from the podcast (#332) and didn't see anything there, other than the link to the website.



@Keegan Beck I applied to be set up, but they cancelled my phone interview, because they are currently capped in Florida. They said they would let me know when they open it back up. 

Hey @Bryan Stovall , it was definatly a great podcast. approching a lead from different angels is definatly smart. you should know what you are doing before starting to throw money around. Like I already wrote on a different thread, you need to mindful of 3 things in order to succeed with any marketing strategy:

1. Sufficient volume - cover enough ground so you don't need to ask yourself if your lists are accurate, or if these sellers are motivated enough. We do 500-800 phone calls daily on each of our funnels.

2. Consistency - once you find the right volume, you need to be persistent with your plan. It helps you cover that massive ground and make lead flow, more predictable. Again those 500-800 calls we do on each funnel - are done DAILY, Monday-Friday, no hiccups.

3. The right system for follow up - you invest a lot of money and effort in acquiring those leads - make sure they don't slip up.

You don't actually have to wait for a phone interview to do the skiptracing, I just skiptraced with leadsherpa and it was the most insane thing ever. 95% hit rate in literally 4 minutes. Just make an account and click skip tracing on the top left its only 15 cents per address and you only get charged for returns not inputs.

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