Issues with motivated seller

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Have a fsbo I am dealing with we had an agreed upon price when the time came for the contracts to be done he didnt have an attorney and when he found one he didnt want to put the assignment clause in the contract .He is still trying to get ride of this property and wants to do biz but doesn't want the assignment in there any advice how I can get this deal done?

Was he aware up front that you would be making a profit? Does he understand that he is still getting the agreed upon money? If not, revisit that part of the contract. Lastly, is his attorney a real estate attorney? If not, that could be the issue. BLUF, revisit the verbiage in the contract that shows him what he is getting as a result of the transaction. If he continues to balk at that, then it may be a smoke screen for a more significant issue. Then you will need to incorporate another set of interpersonal skills into this transaction process to make it go through.

Well, I guess that’ s because the seller thinks you’re actually buying it? 

it is just the assignment part I looked into the lawyer his legit but I'm not sure he's dealt with real estate investing some re attorneys aren't familiar with these parameters . He states he's just wants the money

actually told him first time i met him I'd bring the buyer to the table

@James Santana I think if you remove the word “motivated” from your title that should solve all your issues

True he claimed to want to do this by July 4th week 

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