Can you make multiple cash offers?

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@Matt Crusinberry yea, if there is a property that needs repairs you offer a cash offer, You are only offering 1 offer, so, The question is Can you make multiple cash offers on the same property?

@Account Closed , I have the same question as Wayne, why would you? The answer to your question is yes. You can contact the seller and raise or lower your offer. You can do this every 30 seconds, 5 minutes, or everyday. I doubt that you'll be taken seriously, but you can essentially continue to contact the seller until they block you I suppose. I doubt a realtor will continue to do it for you, whether they work for you or them. I'm still not sure what you're after? 

@Matt Crusinberry I meant more offers you give them (the sellers) the more they feel they have to choose one of them, instead of going in there and say "hey I'll give you 40 cents on the dollar" its easy to say no. That's why I asked if you could make multiple cash offers

This question needs more definition because I don't think I'm the only one that doesn't have any idea of what you are trying to find out. 

@Account Closed - I think I know what you are getting at.  Some of the "nothing-down" proponents used to , and may still, suggest that you give a seller the choice of several different scenarios for the purchase of their property.

For example you could offer full payment in cash, a larger payment with owner financing, a lease option, or any other combination of concessions and rewards to entice the owner to sign.

Thing is, I do not know how well this would work for you.  From your posts you seem to want to wholesale, which pretty much means that you want to tie up the property and then assign it to a 3rd party to get your money.  Inherently this is a short-term process so a lot of the low or no money options will do you no good.  This multiple offer approach would also work much easier in a "kitchen table" setting where you could sit down with the owner and present the offers side-by-side.

I would certainly not advise you to just shotgun multiple offers at different prices.  As @Matt Crusinberry pointed out, you will lose credibility in your ability to close any deal.

@John Teachout when you talk to a motivated seller you offer a terms offer or a cash offer correct? If you do lease options you can offer 3 diferent lease options offers for the seller to choose. If you do seller financing you can offer multiple offers for the seller to choose. And if you offer cash? Can you offer 3 different cash offers?

That was what I meant

And the "three different cash offers" part I'm still not wrapping my head around. I've only ever made one cash offer per property. What am I missing here?