Generating leads in real estate

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@Dwayne Jelks Jr. I am running into the same issue.  I want to get my third property, but don't want to overpay. My first two are only OK.  Since buying, I have definitely wanted to buy better. But, struggling with finding the deals.  The agents I know are not very helpful or maybe I am not a big enough fish...either way, finding the leads is tough. 

@Dwayne Jelks Jr. - you have to first identify what types of properties you are looking for. Are you looking for flips or rentals,single family of multi-family, high end or low end?

@Dwayne Jelks Jr. if you are looking for SFR, I would recommend creating habits of texting the same REO agents every week, the same wholesalers every week, posting on Craigslist every day, sending direct mail consistently, bidding on auction properties at the courthouse consistently, placing out bandit signs consistently and making sure you do all of these things CONSISTENTLY - that is the key. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

@Dwayne Jelks Jr. I think something that would help you find more leads is actually narrowing down your search parameters instead of looking for "anything that's a deal" as you stated above. I believe you will find better results if you were to send direct mail to 100 properties ten times instead of sending direct mail to 1000 properties only once.

@Dwayne Jelks Jr. and @Jay Schultz   Mailing is probably the best way to find your own off-market deals. These are people who share motivational characteristics of people ready to sell, but haven't yet done all the work they think they need to list property. The best way to find them is to send out mailers.

Some good lists to target are Absentee Owners with Equity, Seniors with Long-time Ownership and Homeowners with Low Financial Stability Scores.

You can work with a list broker to optimize your list for your area. From there, there are a lot of companies that can help with the printing and mailing. Be sure that you highlight that "selling your house can be easier than you think" with the advantages of working directly with you instead of the more traditional route.

@May Emery - Thank you very much for the tips.  Any good list brokers?  Also, do you have any experience with the PA? I assume that it wouldn't be the standard National Association of Realtors contracts that would make sense...especially if wholesaling and assigning the contract is a possibility.