Looking to network with wholesalers

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I'm looking to network with wholesalers preferably in California (IE, riverside area) I been giving my deals to another wholesaler he makes anywhere from 15-80k on a single wholesale deal & he literally gave me 200$, a straight slap to my face when I paid 600$ in bandit signs my own gas & long hours driving, putting them up with my newborn son in the car.

I know how to advertise & get a deal. I just don't understand how to do fill out the contract for the title company

If anybody would like to work with me on my next deal I can give you $$ for simple text messages on what to do 1-3 thousand $?

@Blanca S. Cornejo

That is unfortunate did u express this to the wholesaler when u were doing this? Also a good habit is to have a lawyer draft u a contract. I have some few contracts i will send your way so u can use PM me ur email

@Blanca S. Cornejo Im sorry that happened to you! Its very hard to protect yourself when you are bird dogging (bandit signs, d4d etc and passing the info to someone else) for someone because even if you sign some sort of contractual agreement, its worthless if you cannot afford to enforce it. I would suggest that you either start putting these properties under contract yourself or start working for an investor or wholesaler with a reputation for dealing fairly and honestly. Someone more well known will be more likely to deal with you fairly and keep their word because negative reviews would severely impact their business.