Anyone can teach me about wholesaling?

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Hello I live in Milwaukee, WI and I want to know if anyone can basically mentor me or put me under their wing about wholesaling. I know the basic about it but don’t know where or how to start. I just want to learn as much as possible. Even though Milwaukee is a city that’s definitely on the uprise and there are deals everywhere, there are also a lot of people retiring and moving south to get out the cold. The reason I say that is because I work for Molson Coors “Miller Coors” and we have retirees every couple months talking about selling their homes and moving. I’m sure I can get so much deals but I don’t want to approach anyone if I don’t have all the answers first.

@Justin Reyes

Hey Justin, I’m not in your area but there always some basics to cover. First is always check your local real estate laws about whole selling and see if you need a real estate license. Since you want to sell your coworkers houses you’ll def need a license for that.

I’d also set up an llc and get a business bank account for accounting purpose.

If you need help implementing systems I also have a consulting business so feel free to connect with me and ask me anything or if you need some one on one coaching.

My last piece of advice is to checkout your local real estate investing clubs, you can see nearby events with things like meetup (the app) or with google. If you want to flip or whole sell I recommend finding a contractor who can provide you with accurate repair numbers that will help you market and learn how much those costs usually run.

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@Justin Reyes

Anytime man, lead gen, automation/marketing we can set you up.

Back to the topic though, make sure youre license is with a broker, the previous poster is correct there’s tons of info on BP so just search around and you’ll get lots of answers. There’s also a podcast I love by a guy Max Maxwell he’s got some good info, he’s also got a YT channel.

You can checkout z library they have a lot of free books about real estate, sales etc. find a good escrow company that’s investor friendly and can perform double closes. I also recommend finding a transaction coordinator to make your life easier.

I commend you for asking and wanting to know the right way to do things. Feel free to check out Brew City REI Training Cafe on Facebook which is a local, grassroots, community real estate training platform. You can also PM me if you'd like. I live in Milwaukee as well.

@Justin Reyes try going to He is based in Birmingham, AL, has about 300 plus videos on his website and YouTube about everytopic you can think of on wholesaling. It's all free and good stuff!