How much to spend on education ??

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So I have found a course dedicated towards learning how to wholesale. The course is $5500 for 90 days and an additional $800-1000 for marketing (described as optional). What are your thoughts on the amount of money for such a course, and what skills/tools you would need to be able to walk away with? Just trying to decide if the price is reasonable and if I should make sure I walk away with something other than taught material.

I would wait until you're involved in real estate in some way. 

Education that qualifies you for a new trade or business isn't deductible tax wise. 

Also- You can learn all of that here on BP. 

@Sean Tippens Stop. Please stop! Those “courses” are total bull****! They will not teach you anything you cannot learn right here on Bigger Pockets. Courses like that churn out crappy wholesalers that have no idea what they are doing and they go out there and screw over homeowners and cause even more hatred directed towards wholesalers, making it even harder for those of us who dont suck.

There is absolutely nothing these people are going to teach you that you cant find out for free. Dont fall for the “education” pitch. Its all crap. Ive mentored people who spent 20k+ on “education” and after the first day they learned more from me than they had from the people charging 5 figures. Please rethink this decision.

@Sean Tippens

As @Lydia T. said, don't waste your money on these courses. It's not reasonable to expect you can learn all you need to know, in 90 days. The business of Real Estate is complex, with tons of moving parts. When you bring wholesaling into the mix, you add to that complexity. You need to know with deep knowledge the following:

*Establishing ARVs

* Estimating Repairs with a reasonable level of accuracy

* Finding and vetting buyers, so you don't hang a seller out

* Learning to efficiently market for properties and how to close those leads

* Establishing a good reputation with buyers, so your business can scale. 

to name a few...

If you put an effort in and ask intelligent questions, you will find more than enough people willing to answer your questions, and they won't send you an invoice for it.

Don't come in asking "teach me everything you know", without showing you have put some effort into it, initially.