Need help creating a yellow letter

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I am new to the investing side of real estate and need help creating a creative and affective yellow letter! Is anyone willing to share ideas and what they say in their yellow letters that is working for them?

@Jessica Holman honestly, the best yellow letter is the simple one. I’ve mailed thousands of yellow letters. You can jazz them up all you want. There’s really no need. Just a simple my name is jessica, my husband and I drove by your house at whatever address. We want to buy your house. Is it for sale? Please call me at phone number.

I’ve split tested that exact verbiage against almost anything you can think of. Nothing beats it. It’s so simple, you probably won’t use it.

Even if you do though, yellow letters aren’t the magic they used to be. They used to be almost guarantee a deal. Now they pretty much guarantee a low response rate.

You’ll be tempted to blame it on your copy. And if you don’t follow my advice, it may be your copy. But the truth is, too many of your competitors are sending out some iteration of the same thing. Postcards that are made to look like yellow letters.

Someone should come up with the 2020 version of the the 2002 yellow letter.

As a side note, the envelope is almost as important. Your letter has to get opened right?

Sending it to the right people is probably more important than the actual copy. A real motivated seller that you catch at the right time isn’t going to care much about your phraseology.

Best of luck!

Best of luck.

@Jessica Holman I agree with @Colby Hager . Yellow letters arent performing as well as they used to. I can message you some alternative direct mail options that are more modern. I will also send you template options. As Colby mentioned it is a lot about the envelope so using an envelope that will stand out is half the battle. Ill be in touch :) Cheers. 

Hi @Jessica Holman , the best way to know what will work for you is to put yourself in the homeowner's situation. Maybe you're marketing to tax-delinquent homeowners or probates, whatever it is, take your time and think what kind of letter would you open first if you are to receive 10 letters in your mailbox.

I will send you some templates which I am using for my direct mail and you can take some ideas from there.

@Jessica Holman I agree that you need to be client focused. Are you mailing to a purchased list? or drive-by list you created?

In any case, consider that most people think that selling their house takes a lot of work. Focus on "Selling your house will be easier than you think". Then list the ways you make ti easy. 

no open houses with strangers looking everywhere in your house.

No fix up  or clean up -  We don't care if the roof leaks....

no commission to a real estate agent

I wrote a blog that focuses on letters to seniors - "Seniors with 15+ year ownership" is is good list. The same points I make with Seniors will also work for Low Financial Stabilty and many other types of owners.

You can work with a list broker to find a good list for your market. 

@Jessica Holman As most of the responses stated their is no magic verbiage. Also the response rate on yellow letters are minimal. In my experience with direct mail sellers are more apt to open a more professional letter with specific verbiage on the envelope. Again as most of my the respondents stated the envelope is very important. The seller have to be intrigued to open the letter.

Direct mail is not "DEAD" we are still pulling leads from our campaigns but the timing, the list, and the envelope are key.