Prop stream or Deal Machine?

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Been thinking about investing in one of these sites, but want to hear which other wholesalers have had more success with and which offers the most benefits versus the cost. Thanks!

@Abrahm Dimmitt ,

PropStream has a lot more data in it.  It's great for doing research, comps, etc.  Deal Machine is good mainly for D4D.  I think PropStream is a must have.  If you're going to do a lot of D4D, then you might want to have that, too.

When I do D4D, I use PropStream to locate a number of properties in a small geographic area. I download those into Geo Batchcode so I can plan an efficient route to check out those properties, and of course I take note of any others of interest that I see along the way.

Having used both, I would go with propstream if you're looking for a solid data platform, and are investing significant money into other systems as part of your business and its growth model. If you're only really working your local market, and mostly driving for dollars, and want essentially a 1 stop shop that can do most things pretty well, then Deal Machine should work for you. 

Brian Bagdasarian: I'm in the same boat as Abrahm Dimmitt. I'm trying to be cost effective in trying to decide whether to invest in Deal Machine and/or the Cash Buyer Data Feed by "Cam" Dunlap if I'm doing D4D. If I'm understanding correctly, Deal Machine also provides cash buyer data feeds?? Plus, with it being just myself running my own business, and after reading up on how many cash buyers other wholesalers have put in their network to buy properties, that are also sole proprietors, I'm going to assume that having a huge cash buyer list is not really efficient at this point in the game. Thus, purchasing an app/program that provides thousands of buyers might look impressive, but maybe not for me at this point, but would be something possibly to tap into if I go virtual wholesale??