Wholesaling Business and Processes

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Hi everyone,

I am very interested in wholesaling and I have been researching for a couple of months now, I've talked to some local landlords, agents, title companies and attorneys in regard to wholesaling but I seem to get a rejection about wholesaling and they just don't know what I'm talking about. 

I am located in the south valley of Texas (McAllen, Mission, Edinburg...) essentially Hidalgo County. And my goal is to do a wholesaling deal but I can't get any help from the local real estate investors. 

I would love to connect with someone who actively does wholesaling or has done this type of deals before in Texas (specially if there's anyone that has done it in my market).

thank you everyone! And I would appreciate a response!

I’m an investor with some multifamily properties in McAllen and you are right, no body is doing wholesaling or talking about it. I would be glad to take a look on your deals and maybe buy them. 

I know I've been struggling a lot trying to find the right paper work, such as the option to buy, the assignment contract and I just recently got the purchase and sales agreement from the TREC but I still need to review it.

If there's anyway that you can help me with these contracts I'll be more than happy to work with you and bring you potential properties as I've been driving for dollars for the past weeks and researching the properties.

ill send you my email address through dm,

And thank you for your response! 

Hey Leonard,

I'm also a wholesaler in Texas and when I started out, I was using the TREC contract. Most of the time, sellers will get skeptical and not sign once they see how long it is. I almost didn't get a seller to sign my first contract because of this. I have a one page you can use that is legal if you want it.