Setting up a package deal in wholesaling

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If you have a buyer who will realize some cost savings from the economies of scale, they may be willing to pay a little bit more since they are acquiring multiple properties at once. You can reach out to me if you want.

@Mark Anthony Alvear Jr ,

Don't get overly excited that you're suddenly involved in a deal that has multiple properties in it.  While you might be thinking that 4 properties means 4 times the fee, stop. 

Look at each of the properties.  A seller might be totally above board and just looking to get out of the game, or they might be looking to dump a piece of trash among other pretty good properties.  Check each one out, and if one looks like trash, tell them you want to take a pass on that one - or reduce the cost as appropriate.

I would really pursue each one independently.  Tell the seller that it's hard to find investor/partners who are willing to take multiple properties all at once.  Tell them you feel like you can get the best price for them if you're able to deal with each one independently.

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@Barry Pekin I honestly appreciate that advice Barry, I had mentioned to him that the only way we could make it work is to do it individually. He was quite understanding and we are moving forward


Good luck!