Website for Wholesalers to List Their Properties to Buyers

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I'm thinking about creating a website in my local area for wholesalers I network with to list their properties on a collaberative webpage to show their properties to potential buyers. Has anyone done this? And, how did it work out for you? Did you charge a fee for this service? And if so, what's your typical rate? I have an investor group I recently started and would really like to present this idea to my wholesalers about potentially creating a website to list our properties (collectively) to create a wholesaler's empire in the area I wholesale in. 

Steve Trang in Phoenix has an app/website named OfferFast for that. I don't think it's real well-known or robust yet, but I subscribe to it. There are various Facebook groups, too, where you can post deals. In some ways, I'd want to be careful that only trustworthy wholesalers are viewing what you have, and not anyone who may undermine you in any way with the seller, even if it's by accident, since there are so many new folks these days who don't know what they don't know, but mean well nonetheless.

@April L. Williams

Was going to mention OfferFast as well, download that for free to see what that’s like its only in AZ and some TX markets. I’d be worried about wannabes trying to assign your contract or contact the seller. Perhaps the Wholesaler pays a fee to list it, and then the site has a private messaging system so they can decide how much info to give out. There are Facebook groups out there as well.