Wholesaling in Texas

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Getting into Wholesaling in Houston Texas, and the surrounding areas such as Sugarland, Katy, Brookshire, Richmond, Rosenberg, Victoria, etc. I was wondering if anything can help me getting the sale a purchase contract, plus an assignment contract used in Texas. Also, if anyone knows a wholesaler friendly title company that can refer me to would be great.

Thank you

@Alvaro Rodriguez Patriot Title and American Title have been my go to places. I have purchased from wholesellers at Texas Title , white star title and bunch of other places. 

Also for sales contract , you can just use a TREC contract . DMed you AOC .. Happy hunting .. 

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@Cameron Tope

Thank you so much. They helped a lot and I am watching your other videos now. Will also watch some videos on how to fill them out. Do you hold any meet ups?

Thanks again

Glad to help! We started planning a meetup just before covid and unfortunately had to cancel it. 

We'll start one again when covid is behind us!