How to Connect with Wholesalers

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What’s the best way to connect with wholesalers? I’ve been trying to reach out to some that I found online and have had limited luck. They either don’t wholesale anymore or are bad about follow up or answering emails/calls if I do talk with them.

I’m looking in the Tucson, AZ area. Any advice?

Lok at my posts and I'm not a big advocate of wholesaling.  

However, you seem an earnest young man unspoiled by the ways of the world - I'd look for the local REIA, they seem to draw these types.

New Western Acquisitions is a professional company doing just that. No need to look for shady wholesalers. 

@Kyle Swengel

I would suggest local facebook real estate investing groups, local real estate meetups.

Keep in mind not all wholesalers advertise what they do publicly, some are independent investors that happen to wholesale because they can't buy every lead that they come across.

Local meetups and And auctions are a good way, but the best I've found Here in Tucson is to call the title companies and ask them who are doing the most wholesales and double close. Tell them that you are looking to connect with others to do mere deals. usually, they are happy to recommend someone.

 Just be very careful right now I'm seeing a lot more shady wholesalers out here.  when you find a good wholesaler you can trade them buyers list to rapidly grow your list of buyers and wholesalers.

I live in Tucson As well if there is anything I can do to help you DM me  , id love to help!

Thanks for the replies everyone! So far I have been going to online AZREIA meetings that fit around my W2 job schedule. I’ve been trying to go to BP ones whenever possible as well. I’ve joined all of the AZ Facebook pages dealing with RE or wholesaling. I’ll take a look at New Westen Acquisitions and I’ll keep trying to meet more local investors like you suggested Stone, for when they are looking to wholesale a deal out for the cash.

@Saxxon Rybski I’ll try that. I didn’t consider that. And I’ll reach out to you as well to see where else you’ve found success.