Do I need a lawyer to look at my contract to wholesale ?

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Wholesaling is has different legal requirements in every state. It may not be a matter of "is it illegal" but rather how you do it legally. You really need to talk to an attorney in your state. You can be sued for any number of things and you can even be criminally charged if you are breaking the law. Contracts that claim illegal clauses will beg the question, "which attorney drafted this contract". If the answer is "I found it on the internet" or "I wrote the contract myself", it will end badly for you. Be aware that ignorance of the law is not defense for breaking it. If you choose to enter this or any business, it is your responsibility to follow the laws and conduct your business legally.

Always have anything you are about to sign reviewed by an attorney. Don't have an attorney. PM me for a referral.

But the interpretation of a bond is a general assessment, which can also consider how people acted during, for example, contract negotiations, what industry practices are, how parties typically work toward each other, etc. The fact that certain words such as "agreement" and "bound" are used in documents does not automatically lead to binding force, but the main thing is to assess what the parties meant. In exceptional cases, agreements can be made by omission.

I had a lawyer for about 3 years. He wasn`t the best so I decided to Säga upp mitt avtal or (Terminate the agreement) . I needed one lawyer who could defend me in any type of cases. I lawyer, who I can call at any time. So I decided to ask my friend if he knows one or a company specialized in this domain. He recommended me a website, where I can get informed. seemed to be the best way possible, to find any type of information, and lawyers, if you need. You can arrange a lawyer to have a short term or a long term contract, as you wish.