Most Accurate Skip Tracing Database?

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@Daniel O'Neil   Batch skiptracing has by far the most accurate numbers. We have tried a lot of different companies and you get what you pay for in the data game. 

I've never used rocket skiptracing so I can't speak on that but we have tried a lot of other companies. 

@Daniel O'Neil we have used a lot of the companies that you may or may not have heard of and what we've experienced is that most of them recycle all the same data from the same databases - it's just a matter of how they package it. Most of the companies that provide instant (within 1 hour) results are examples of recycling data. There are many other databases that can be used that require manual scraping that most of the big companies don't do or can't afford to do. 

I have a lot of experience with skip tracing and would love to share if you're interested to hear more. Let me know and we can connect.