Cash Buyers (Tampa)

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Building a buyers list takes time, start connecting with investors, realtors, and especially other wholesalers who can help you sell your deals when you get them. 

  1. Visit free Facebook groups, and net work. There are literally hundreds of national groups you can join for free.
  2. Put an ad out on Facebook
  3. Put a Google PPC ad out
  4. Craigslist has a section where people can sell their houses. It is flooded with investors desperately trying to score a deal. Anyone going to craigslist must be a little desperate and so that is an awesome resource for cash buyers
  5. Get a pro membership here on Biggerpockets and you can start posting deals on market place.
  6. Get BOTH a motivated seller website AND a cash buyers website going, rank it #1 and cash buyers are constantly messaging you if you have a deal available. (Yes that happens to me daily).
  7. Go to zillow and other MLS access website and with a bit of strategic analysis, find buyers that have paid in cash or buy multiple houses in a year (in your area where you invest). Those are more than likely cash buyers.
  8. You can find people/companies that will sell you cash buyers lists area dependent.
  9. Sign up for your local REIA meetings (I HATE those meetings) and network

There are more ways but this is a good start.

Remember, the best way to attract cash buyers is by having a great deal signed and wave that contract around. They will flock to you out of nowhere. Have a bat ready to beat them off you, those greedy lil Piranhas!