Releasing Property Addresses to Potential Buyer

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I've need some advice on when or if you should release the addresses to potential buyers before you have the properties under contract for wholesale assignment deals.

I am working on a 5 rental property deal that has some good potential and I am talking with a local buyer who has a good reputation and has been very active in my market for years.

I just sent him the generic info on the property including zip codes, rental payments, estimated value, mortgage pay offs and work needed but I did not send him the specific addresses. He just emailed me back asking for the addresses.

I think I can trust him but I don't have the properties under contract so I don't any protection expect his credibility that he won't go around me.

Feedback/suggestions/comments are very welcomed!

Thanks in Advance!

Gene Hacker

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Gene Hacker Investor and Home Inspector from Lake Isabella, CA

replied 20 minutes ago

Why don't you have a contract? IMO your goal should be to get it locked up with a contract before marketing it to potential buyers. Without a contract you don't have any real protection. Get it locked up.