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Hey guys, how are you pulling lists for Vacant land? I'm very familiar with SFH lists and such, but have decided to switch over to doing more land. When I'm pulling lists from propstream, I'm finding that many of the vacant land lists aren't actually vacant land anymore.

How do you find accurate lists that are still currently vacant?

Also, is there any software that will skiptrace a list of Tax Id Numbers? I've pulled a list of tax id numbers but don't have the specific addresses to skip trace with. Anyway I can skiptrace these ID numbers without having to manually go through and find the address for each one?


Datatree is a much better source. Regardless of the platform, the best approach is often to key off of assess improvement percentage of zero. It can also help to filter on square footage or number of buildings. Setting a ceiling for property taxes can help too.

I don't know of a platform that allows you to skiptrace using APNs en masse. Direct mail works well for more. Some people skip trace returned mail, but I've never done that.

Hope those suggestions help. 

@Chris Gavre This is my only gripe with propstream, their vacant land isn't anywhere close to being updated. When you pull a vacant land search, you get A LOT of newer construction homes. I emailed them about it and they said it's what the county has on file, which wasn't the case, the county had the properties listed as single family homes.