Cash Buyers List Strategies

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Hi everyone, I am trying to start wholesaling around the Charleston SC area but I am having trouble creating a cash buyer list. I've tried using craigslist and zillow but keep running into scams and uninterested renters. What advice can you give me to help me out here? Any strategies I should try? 

I would say use Propstream. It tells you how many cash buyers are in the area in which you are marketing. Facebook market place as well. Your local REIA is another good place. Your local home Auctions. Look up cash buyers SC on facebook. Just a couple to get you started.

Maybe you can google some local real estate meet ups? Or post on FB or BP? Have you also thought about how you would get in front of motivated sellers? Usually the typical "marketing" strategies that "everyone" uses has an extremely low chance of success. Dm me if you got questions.

Why not go to your title company and ask them to scrape a list of all cash sale transactions over the last year where the purchaser was an entity and where that entity bought multiple in one year. There is your real buyer list.

I would get your real estate license if you haven't already, because it's going to provide you a ton of resources to use as a wholesaler / investor

But without your license, I would befriend a realtor and have them pull a list of buyers who have purchased under an LLC. Here in Phoenix that's pretty simple to do, not sure how it works in your market. I'd go back 6 months to a year and then use your state's corporation commission website to find the members of the LLC. Then use whatever tools you have at your disposal (Skip trace, looking for numbers on LLC docs, looking for their number on MLS if it's an owner/agent, send post cards to their tax mailing address, etc) to get numbers for the managing members

Have a script you can use to call them and ask them if they are buying, what they're buying, price points, rehab level, neighborhoods, etc.

The good thing about this strategy, although it's a lot of work, is that you are connecting with actual buyers who have actually recently closed deals

I wouldn't worry too much about cash buyers. In a few months we are releasing a new software that will make cash buyer lists completely obsolete. This will be a game changer! I will give everyone access to this for free for a whole.

So just an FYI. In a few months ALL cash buyers lists will be obsolete!!