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I posted this last week and did not get a response but I was wondering if any of you that buy and hold had an insurance company that is pretty reasonble and does replacement cost versus market value in insuring the property?

I currently use Foremost and the only want to do market cost. Am getting some prices on replacement cost insurance and finding it quiet high?

Please offer me some options.


Try American Family and Shield of Shelter, both have LL policies and in the past I have had replacement cost on dwellings, not sure as of today. :)

I'd try this one:

Bethni Moppin,Coverage Consultant

National Real Estate Insurance Group

Affinity Group Management

7509 NW Tiffany Springs Pkwy #200

Kansas City, MO 64153

Thanks for the information. I will try them all.


Hi Luanne,

Try this insurance company. I switched over to them and got better coverage at a lower price with a higher rating then my previous insurance company (Farmers). I met with the agent about investment property and she will work with you to find your best option. Tell her that you were referred by Joe Gulyas from Keller Williams (it may get you a better rate because she does a lot with KW).

Debra Shannon - cell [REMOVED] (Out of Solon)

Epic Insurance

State Farm has worked for me in the past along with a large umbrella policy

Like Rodney Kuhl, I am using Affinity in KC for replacement cost as required by Wells Fargo.

As a couple others have mentioned, I to use:

National Real Estate Insurance Group
Affinity Group Management
7509 NW Tiffany Springs Pkwy #200
Kansas City, MO 64153

Cheryl Weigel [REMOVED]

I use foremost and can get either style of policy. I can get you my agent's number if you would like to speak to him.

Your agent's info would be great.


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When you say buy and hold I'm assuming the building is vacant during this time. If that is the case, that could be why you are having a hard time getting replacement cost coverage. There are only a very small amount of companies that would be willing to do that and a lot of them are for high value homes (500k and above).

The problem with Replacement Cost in todays market is someone could easily buy a home for $50,000 that costs $300,000 to replace. There is a big incentive to let the house burn a little longer before getting the fire department involved. Its called a morale hazard. It means there is something to gain by having a loss so it creates an additional exposure for the carrier.

That being said there are companies that write it but you have to find an agent who was the knowledge and access to those companies to help you.


I used Liberty Mutual for properties in South Dakota but switched to Safeco last year. However, after a bad storm and a roof claim Safeco is now dropping coverage on some of the properties for things like "peeling paint" and "wear and tear"...However I had good coverage at great rates. You may want to check them out.

@Bill Bockwoldt Oh wow, what a reason to get dropped! If you need any help with insurance, let me know and I'll be glad to assist. 

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