Insurance in Cincinnati

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We used to use State Farm but they now require every unit have 2 exits to underwrite. We have used the Roehr Agency (John Borchers) for our last two properties.

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Hi all,

I have several rentals in Cincinnati. 

I use

They insure nationwide, and have excellent online and personal customer service. It's very easy to add, delete, or change the status of a property.  I have shopped them vs other local companies on several occasions but their rates are always better.  

Good luck!

Hi Jason;

Congratulations on that first multifamily deal. : ) 

I would highly recommend Colin Morissey at Camorgo Insurance in Madeira. I believe that they represent fourteen insurance companies so he should be able to find a good fit for you at the right price. 

I don't have any rentals in Ohio yet but have my car insurance through him and I just closed on a foreclosure in Amberley Village a couple of weeks ago and he is also carrying that. 

Their customer service and communication has been amazing despite the fact that I am currently still living in CA.

[email protected]