Property and landlord insurance in Louisville, KY

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Anyone have a good recommendation for property and landlord insurance in Louisville, Ky?  I've been using Fusting and Dugan (Safeco mostly) for a while but the rates on the last two I added are a little out of control.  I need to have an option.  


 - Chuck


I have several properties insured through KYFB.  That being said, my rates have been going up dramatically over the last few years.  In fact, my State Farm agent recently beat them out on a couple of properties.

There are a couple of cheaper options, but the deductibles are high ($3k min).  With the number of hail/wind storms we've had over the past few years, I've come out way ahead paying a little extra and making claims when a catastrophe hits. 

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I use NREIG Affinity Group. My rates have been about $45 for an SFR under 80k in value. I get RC with 5k rent loss and special form. I generally insure for what I have financed OR whatever $ i have in the property; not the appraised value.

I have recommended them and they have always beat other prices.