Public adjuster unlawful practice?

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I made a mistake of being presented by a guy who said he was a public adjuster.  He was going door to door.  Well he spoke with us awhile and like a half fool I signed a contract electronically with him, with his adjusting company.  I didn't think much of it, he seemed like a nice guy.  They stated they would waive their commission fee if I hired their sister construction company.  Well, needless, to say, things started not adding up, they became pushy, the fed us promises and lies from the beginning.  I exercised my right to my own general contractor and they were not delighted about that.  Communication slowed, they wouldn't call me back, etc.  They appeared to not be in my best interest but the company's.  

I also found out that they uploaded a signature of a licensed adjuster on the contract but I have never seen, met, spoke to or heard of him, nor is there any records of him handling our claim.  Can't even find really any info on him.  I don't even know if he exists with the company.  

Everything of the contract I guess is good, but I found out that the person who presented me a contract, handling my claim for 2-3 months, and the gentleman at the home inspection for the claim were not licensed in the state of Illinois.

I want to terminate the contract.  Do I have grounds to do so?

Get in touch with a lawyer asap. ASAP. I have a client who had a small fire and the 'contractor' who works with their adjuster walked with close to 80k. One contract signed while the fire trucks were still there, no copies ever provided. They didn't pull any permits, put on a show, and caused an additional 100k in damages before being stop-work ordered by the city. 

The adjuster/contractor team is likely a complete fraud, changing company names and such as they go on scamming folks. Get control of this before any cash changes hands. Odds are once they get a letter from your attorney they'll disappear.

I've had the insurance stop payment.  it's almost as if they used the one name with a valid pa license as a fall back name, or to appear valid until they license someone else. I'm not sure.  I have a complaint with the D.O.I. , and the investigation ends soon.  so we'll see what transpires. but it feels like on paper everything looks legal, but the process has become unlawful.  other contractors and actual PAs of 30 yrs heard of them and have nothing good to say.  those contractors say they do less than quality work and have to redo the work they perform.  any social accounts on anyone working with the company, either doesn't exist, very private, no pictures with little info.  its just way too fishy to me.

Sometimes, even if you have a "binding legal contract" with someone who turns out to be fraudulent, or just a simply tell them you're ending it in writing, end all interaction, and correct the remaining problem.  They will yell and make all kinds of ominous threats about legal action, but if they are not legitimate, they don't want the scrutiny of a judge, so they'll just fade away.  Bottom line, don't be intimidated.  You probably should spend a few hundred bucks to talk to an attorney though..

The company holds an adjuster license, but the people handling my claim from summer till recently were not licensed.  the name on the contract is licensed but I don't feel he exists with the company.

Originally posted by @Jason Reinstead :

The company holds an adjuster license, but the people handling my claim from summer till recently were not licensed.  the name on the contract is licensed but I don't feel he exists with the company.

 Then just throw off the property anyone that can not show you their license.  Setup your smartphone to access the State Board to verify the number you are shown.

Mr/Mrs adjuster will get the message.

BTW: Personally never heard of an 'adjuster' working in this capacity.

I was naive.  it's a pA company that holds a license, but 2/3 of the people are not licensed. especially dealing with my claim.  a lot of unethical dealings. also I found that I think the company was called something else about 4 yrs ago.  I'm just hoping to get out of the contract, I don't trust them.  the only concern is whether the contract is rock solid.  or if it doesn't matter.

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